Saturday, 5 April 2008

The Lodger - 13 March 2008, The Gramophone

A soggy Thursday night, an extra-long wait for the bus, two not-that-inspiring support bands…and then The Lodger come on and play an over-in-the-blink-of-an-eye set that makes sullen hearts soar. They may not look it (just some blokes, now with added girl), but The Lodger are something special, festooning the room with bursts of spangling pop rattled out on careening guitars. Their songs are like sherbet lemons, exploding open with melodies. Attack is the best form of defence and we’re easily sucker-punched by the fistful of new songs the band fling at us, making us eager for the new album, ‘Life Is Sweet’ due out in May. Forthcoming single ‘The Good Old Days’ out-Orange Juices Bricolage – it has the funk AND the jangle and is terrifyingly catchy. A short, sharp dose of Springtime. Of course there are the beloved older songs too, which we still cherish. Take ‘ Many Thanks For Your Honest Opinion’. Remember when that was a wee demo blinking its way into the world, impressing me from the get go? I feel all heart-warmed and nostalgic when it gets played as tonight’s set closer. The Lodger I love yer!

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