Saturday, 12 April 2008

Sa Trace Silencieuse – Minimilk (Phonic Kidnapping Records)

Minimilk is Remi of Electrophonvintage / The Sunny Street murmuring in French to the accompaniment of a gently strummed guitar (courtesy of Sebastien). Remi sent me a nice letter with this record in which he uses the word ‘maladroit’ and for that alone I salute him. However, these four gossamer bossa tracks are also a reason to take a celebratory sip of coffee and stare wistfully out the window. These wispy songs, delicate as cobwebs, are the soundtrack to your own personal Truffaut film. They are breezes through open windows, sunlight flashing on lakes, buttercups under chins, lounging in the long grass and thoughtful walks home. Remi says the songs were recorded ‘a few years ago in the sunny kitchen…’ which is exactly how it should be. Tiny exquisite moments, elegantly packaged.

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