Saturday, 12 April 2008

He had a psychotic episode on a dude ranch that involved a bottle of ammonia: Fave Tunes February/March 2008

Steel Your Girl – Neon Neon The twinkly side of sleekly constructed synth pop, sounding kind of like Wire’s ‘Outdoor Miner’. SerWOON! In danger of being played to death.

I Lust U – Neon Neon Synth bleepo disco-stuff, then Gruff’s voice makes your icy eighties heart melt. Once again: serWOONN!

My Elven Home - Gandalf The Grey Oddly jangle-pop sounding for something so obviously hippy-div.

Albert Goes West - Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds Lord Cave does The Jesus and Mary Chain whilst The Bad Seeds act like yobs. Plus, when old Nick asks ‘Do you wanna dance????!!!! Do you wanna move????!!!!’ with that much punctuation you’d better give the right answer.

Don’t You Ever Fail - The Dilettantes Dippy jangle refracting sun-psych

Greasy Crisps - The Sunny Street Blurred wistful dreampop belies title

Sparrow - Mountain Home Espers-esque etherealness – the best kind. Plus, look at their picture – fabulous.

Replica - The Shortwave Set Stately kaliedoscoping psychedelia found at the back of a dusty old cupboard

Shared Islands – High Places Animal Collective using sunbeams as wind-chimes

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