Sunday, 30 March 2008

Tape Art: Daydreamin' In the Summershine

In 1988 Daydreamin' In The Summershine (nice title, cheers), was a mixtape of swoony indie jangle-pop – designed for listening to whilst lying in the grass on a summers day, obviously. Note the ancient art of wax-resist being put to good use for the Crayola-ed Flowers cover design.

The tracklisting went like this:
Sunflower – The Springfields
Moths – 14 Iced Bears
Everglades – The Sea Urchins
The Old Stone Bridge – Emily
Are We Gonna Be Alright – The Springfields
Dreamabout – The Poppyheads
Dust Remains – 14 Iced Bears
Black Star Carnival – Primal Scream

Strawberry Wine – My Bloody Valentine
The Clown – The Springfields
I’m In Love With A Girl Who Doesn’t Know I Exist – Another Sunny Day
Secret Goldfish – Baby Lemonade
Some Candy Talking - The Jesus And Mary Chain
Ocean Blue - The Primitives
Pictures You Weave - The Poppyheads
Cut - 14 Iced Bears
Turning Stone - The Soup Dragons

Listening to late eighties jangle pop led me down the spangled garden path to late sixties West Coast USA. First the jangle became more psychedelic and then the psychedelia got tinged with country. By 1992, I’d decided my Daydreamin' soundtrack needed to be updated, or maybe that should be backdated, as I taped over the jangle pop, eradicating it in favour of sunny Laurel Canyon vibes. Only Primal Scream (albeit E-ed up and unrecognisable from their previous selves) and the eternal Sea Urchins survived the regime change. Note the light dusting of proto-grunge Yank guitar stuff in there too – a sign of the times:

Gunga Din – The Byrds
Higher Than The Sun - Primal Scream
Half The Time – The Lemonheads
A Morning Odyssey – The Sea Urchins
100 Years from Now – The Byrds
Desiree – The Left Banke

Sweet Thing – The Stairs
Mineral – Buffalo Tom
Sail On Sailor – The Beach Boys
Return Of The Grievous Angel

She Comes In Colors – Love
I Am A Child – Buffalo Springfield

Cinnamon Girl – Neil Young
Hot Burrito 1# - The Flying Burrito Brothers
Jonathan Jonathan – The Rockingbirds
Happy – The Rolling Stones
Bubblegum Factory – Redd Kross

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