Saturday, 5 April 2008

All Hat And No Plans / Great Expectations – My Sad Captains (White Heat)

A double A-side from your fave superior-quality, melody-plying twangle merchants. Both tracks slather on that delicious, rollingly lush, glowing Captains sound you want to throw your arms right round. It would take a venomous churl indeed to deny the glorious, soft-focus (bitter) sweet-heartedness of this brace of pop lovelies.

‘All Hat And No Plans’ lays out a picnic of exuberant, chewing-gum guitar, dippy divey harmonies and la la las tempered with just the right amount of rough-edged buzzing waspiness to stop it all being syrupy. Just try and stop your heart leaping.

‘Great Expectations’ (they’re quite literary aren’t they? This is good to see) has the wee bespectacled singer man going "I’m gonna get you out of this if it’s the last thing I ever do" in a surprisingly rich voice (this is good to hear) and makes my memory hear fab olde pop tune ‘Nancy Sinatra’ by The Groove Farm. If that wasn’t delightful enough, the song slides lovingly into a series of "do ron ron a do rons" and it turns out that’s exactly what you needed to hear at that point. Genius!

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