Sunday 31 October 2010

Give me strength to continue. Fave Tunes Sept /Oct 2010

When We Go Courting - Shrag V. dance-inducing one note guitar clangalanging, and the line ‘Deep in the darkness of June I dissolved in your room’.

Desire Lines – Deerhunter A lush Sunshine Playroom rush

Skit I Allt – Dungen Not sure what they’re singing about, but it sounds like Dungen are having a spangly Scando time

Fountain Stairs – Deerhunter All skyscrapey

Life’s A Gift (Feel It) – Groovy Uncle Really rather more than slightlydelic

Entrance Song - The Black Angels Proper menacing biker psych

Clear Motive - The Higher State Ooh! Byrdsy / Paisley Undergroundish

Teacher – Surf City Like a whipped up candyfloss Mary Chain. Yeah!

Shark Ridden Waters – Gruff Rhys The Groovie Ghoulies on a cruise. I have to listen to this several times a day.

Untitled II – Ulaan Khol Monstrous scree of guitar in a noise landslide

Thee Eager Younger Fraternity Bop pt 2 – Comet Gain (with Crystal Stilts) Desperate, unhinged handclappin’ pop party.

Hearts Of Love – Crocodiles Nasty fuzz with lovely twinkly bits

Imagine Hearts – Ringo Deathstarr Unreconstructed tremolo action. Woobly.


neil_estate said...

completely agree about the new Gruff Rhys, I've been listening to it incessantly.

Kitten Painting said...

It's very soothing to listen to it on the tube, like being on a gently rocking boat.