Sunday 30 September 2007

I’d like to find a field between the hills: Fave Tunes August/September 2007

Mostyn A Diego – Radio Luxembourg The sound of early Super Furries rolling on the lawn with Gorkys = sunshine goodness. Plus the single has an exciting interactive sleeve.

Get You Out Of My Head – The Sparkling Fountains Of Magic Reality Hoo, boy! Maxed out fuzz all the way. Why don’t all songs sound like this?

Outside - The Asteroid #4 Sky-looping dreampop crash-lands in a field of Barretty pastoralism.

Gift That Keeps Giving - Super Furry Animals SFA obligingly release album of summer-pop psych-dream lusciousness in time for my summer hols. The harmonies on this track make my head turn inside-out.

Horse Riding – Euros Childs Groovy old Euros tickling the ivories like a good ‘un, so you have to jiggle about in your chair with a a stoopid grin on yr face.

Secrets – Tuung Some of the ‘Good Arrows’ album is a tad Sunday Supplement, but this is all twinkling and regretful and sounds like dew-soaked medieval meadows.

My World – The Go! Team Cover of olde schools tv theme has freaky regression therapy effect on my brain.

Presidential Suite – Super Furry Animals Sitting under a tree hypnotized by ticklish Greek waves, I remember how much I love this song. "Sparkling like dragonflies".

The Fire In My Head - Voice Of The Seven Woods Dementedly sinister twangy Eastern mysticism with some serious tambourine bashing and gloopy rhythms.

Derek - Animal Collective Especially the moment when the big thumpy, shuffling bass drum sounds burst out from the skirling loopiness. Also, ‘Derek’ is an amusingly unlikely name for a song.