Tuesday 4 May 2010

Can't You See Me Running? - Fave Tunes March / April 2010

The Burning Mountain - Voice Of The Seven Thunders Eastern tinged freak-out tribal heaviness.

Hollow Trees House Hounds - Cate Le Bon Like if a witch made a glam record

Statement - Boris Wiggy wah wah wahhhhh!

Rest Of Our Lives – Dum Dum Girls If ‘Darklands’ was recorded by girls sitting on the bedroom floor

Banjo Pier – Edward’s Hand Baroque psych for when you’re wishing The Left Banke had recorded more.

Springtime Instrumental – Atlas Sound Awww, this twinkles along making me yearn for sunshine and green leaves and blue skies.

Death’s Not Your Friend (Live) – Wooden Shjips Thundering along in a groovy motorik manner.

Color Dreams – The Deep Ridiculous garage grooviness that insists you dance

What’s In It For? – Avi Buffalo Slightly deranged euphoria. Wheee!

Peter’s Trip – Electric Flag Baroque pop oriental soundtracking

Kings Civil Calendar Control – The New Lines Blissed out music box day dreamyness

The Witch – The Rattles As someone has astutely commented on Youtube – this video is pretty much the first Black Sabbath album cover come to life. Utterly fab

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