Monday, 4 August 2008

Summer Falls

Zut alors! What a formidable couple of weeks it’s been.
There was WIZARD BEARDERY, monged-out drones and purple skellingtons at the eagerly anticipated (by me) Wooden Shjips gig.

Then the ever ridiculous Brian Jonestown Carnival careened into the Forum, skidded to a halt to soothe our souls with the likes of ‘Sailor’ and ‘Swallowtail’ before poor old Frankie Teardrop was STABBED TO DEATH (copyright: The Sun) after the gig for knackering a microphone during his alarmingly ‘punk rock’ performance of ‘Golden Frost’, only to be resurrected in time to play a Belgian festival the next day.

The drone-funz continued with a top Sonic Cathedral night featuring The Early Years striving for and frequently achieving greatness despite hideous ‘technical problems’ (go see them live, please) and a set by Spectrum during which Kate and I saw Sonic Boom’s PANTS quite often as he bent down in front of us to fiddle with the ‘technical problems’ (Calvin Kleins, pant-fans).

Truck Truck Trucky –hurrah! the best pop fun on an Oxfordshire farm you could ever hope to get, with added Sunday Sonic Cathedraling, plus the BEAST of Truck – the cutest monster ever.

And the following weekend, Indietracks – the best pop fun in a Midlands railway museum you could ever hope to get, topped with LASHINGS of sunshine (rather too many lashings actually) and a million friendly faces.

Summer 2008 you are GRATE.
And I may even write about you properly at some point.

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