Monday, 11 August 2008

31st Floor - The Tamborines

Out today!

Buzzing, fuzzing, squealing, squalling. This is a fabulously nasty pop single, loaded with all the right elements without being complicated; darkly Reid-esque* vocals, cute wee minimalist bleeps on the keyboards, viciously fuzzed up guitar, a creepingly infectious tune.

Black and white flashes. ‘31st Floor’ sounds leanly monochrome, like flicking through ‘Up-tight’, everybody’s favourite Velvet Underground book. “I trip inside your wired mind” sings Henrz, word associating to The 13th Floor Elevators. And indeed, to Primal Scream. You can imagine Bobby singing this if Primal Scream were still good. But they’re not, so enjoy The Tamborines’ impeccable coolness (the elegant sleeve houses a clear vinyl seven inch!) and ability to write irresistible tunes.

And there’s value for money too, with not a b-side in sight. Over on the flip you get ‘Come Together’, familiar to anyone who’s seen The Tamborines live as that sweet-hearted fuzzbomb that has you nodding along furiously, powered by hard-edged guitar jangling, big thumpy drums, soary Ride-like vocals and a wonderfully swoopy tune.

*Jim/William obviously

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