Wednesday, 23 June 2010

May Has Come and Gone

May was a super slap-up sonic sensation of a month as I finally got to see Deerhunter and Dungen. I love both these bands’ records SO MUCH, but have never got around to seeing them play live. It was good to be REALLY EXCITED about going to both gigs. I also saw The Brian Jonestown Massacre playing a sober, non-argumentative wiggy psych out at Shepherd's Bush Empire to a mosh-tastic crowd; Avi Buffalo making summertime shivers at Rough Trade; The Radio Dept playing at Bush Hall where they seemed to backtrack to being more jangly and less keyboard atmospherics-y and made me swoon when they played ‘1995’ even though it went a bit wrong; AND Prof. Brian Cox doing a sweary talk with equations and photos of the cosmos. Oh yes.

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