Wednesday, 3 March 2010

It's knowing you're alive through all the fuzz / It's never coming down from going up. Fave Tunes - January / February 2010

1995 – The Radio Dept. Back to work after Christmas muffled in a dufflecoat against the snow. The Radio Dept’s melancholic drifts of sound are Wintery perfect.

Mind How You Go - The Advisory Circle The eerie-comforting sound of radiophonics and 1970s public information films.

Unchanging Window/Chord Simple – Broadcast The peaceful ennui of gazing at grey skies. With a soupcon of spooky.

What Am I Gonna Do? – The Dovers Dippy/sublime mixture of psych and soul. Also to be found sampled on Atlas Sound’s ‘Walkabout’

Mirror Kisses – Citay Epically swirling psych folk with hints of Wendy and Bonnie.

Wide-eyed, Legless - Laura Veirs For the squealy noises that sound like tropical birds / fireworks in a summer sky.

Coming Home To You – Tim Buckley Sounds like contentedly greeting the California dawn after a long night.

Spin That Girl Around – Euros Childs Sometimes Euros’ voice breaks your heart.

Brite Futures – Dum Dum Girls Perfect mix of tough girl indiepop and roughshod garage a la The Delmonas

Owls And Flowers - Belbury Poly Sounds like the album cover ('The Owl's Map') looks.

Low Scene – The Sea Urchins Pilled up mod pop with slightly worrying rawk vocals. See here

Some Velvet Morning – Starpower I just rediscovered this psychotically overblown version of Nancy ‘n’ Lee’s vision of perfection.

Man Overboard! - Soft Hearted Scientists Listening to this on the tube to work; ‘Where are all the carefree days, they seem so long ago / We were going to change the world then routine caged our bodies and our souls’ Oh the delicious sorrow.

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