Friday, 31 July 2009

Here comes the summershine, expect the best of times. Fave Tunes May/June 2009

Two Weeks - Grizzly Bear The Beach Boys processing in a dignified and stately manner

Always The Same – The Legends
Heavenly FUZZED pop

Ulysses and The Cats – Whitetree Drifting in the ether soothingness

Rainwater Cassette Exchange – Deerhunter Dippy, slip-sliding folk-pop trip gets a good reverbing

Young Drugs – Crocodiles Deadpan kids do electro-Spectrum lullaby

Brave The Storm - Graham Coxon Finger-pickled and fluting ‘Watch With Mother’ dusty sunshine afternoons

Twin Of Myself - Black Moth Super Rainbow Very twinkly and reminds me of Tangerine

Quicksand - Locust Plaza A lonely wind whistling through a high school that‘s been derelict since 1958

Dancing with abandon to ‘Surrender’ by Cheap Trick at Track And Field Be rude not to

My Baby Don’t Care – King With Captain Sensible, not the '80s Doc Martened shitehawks

City Trains – Music And Movement Swirling and clattering and even better than pretending to be a tree growing from a seed or currants being mixed in a bowl (1970s education, yes)

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