Sunday, 15 February 2009

Sad Day For Puppets – Marble Gods/Big Waves (Sonic Cathedral)

Scandi bands seems to have a knack for creating luxuriant, lovelorn, fairytale twisted pop songs and here are Swedes Sad Day For Puppets with their whooshing guitars and pristine, elfin vocals doing precisely that to endearing effect.

‘Marble Gods’ is the invigorating rush of frosty air through your lungs when you careen along the pavement on a winter night. This is sugar power pop laced with bombastic guitar, an unashamedly vast sound that snicks bits of Dinosaur Jnr at their PoP-est and conjures The Concretes when they were cute.*

The appropriately titled ‘Big Waves’ perfectly surfs the cracked heart feeling that builds before sobs break out. Husky girl-pop vocals intone a tearstained nursery rhyme tune over swelling layers of twinkling, chiming guitars and your head fills with snow-scapes and fur capes, and contemplating bright stars in inky skies. Think of The Raveonettes take on Buddy Holly’s ‘Everyday’. Not so much a wall of sound as a glacier.

*Er, I just read the press release and it mentions these two bands – but I thought of them ALL ON MY OWN, okay? I don’t read press releases until after I’ve written what I think of stuff.

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