Saturday, 31 January 2009

Esiotrot / Foxes! split E.P. (Sounds Experience)

‘Inspired by sunny days and indie pop’ Esiotrot play itchy and catchy geek pop that’ll clear the clouds from your heart. ‘Tammy is Lez’ (yes) is so jauntily immediate it gets me wonky-grinning and gonky-dancing from the very opening chord. The singy man (Matt?) gargles in his cracked nerd-boy voice (see also Pete Shelley) as the band blam along in a ramshackle, cheery, damn endearing manner, all augmented by parpedelic brass and eager glockenspiel twinkling.

Glockenspiel is even more to the fore on second track ‘Spares’. Sparkly notes skitter in and out of a scribble of skewy brass and its all sweetly heartbreaking, lurching and swaying like a happy child with a gammy leg. Aww.

Foxes! take the lollipops from their mouths, stick them behind their ears and get down with indiepop mini-epic ‘Oh Rosie’. It’s a schizo tune, first racing along on cowpunkish guitar and splish splashy drums, then swooning into softly glowing keyboards before winding up in a sheeny furze of fizzing guitars and girl/boy vocals. Curious pop.

Foxes! sugary voiced singer Kayla Bell opens the casio-beat discopop of ‘It’s Ridiculous Adam’ by listing her failings, including the fact that “I can’t draw horses very well”. We’ll forgive her for this lack of equine artistry though, as the song ripples and shimmies and sounds like cheap sweeties. A bit odd, but tasty.

Four whole tracks available on 7" vinyl and digital thing from Sounds Experience = must have barg!

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