Sunday, 30 November 2008

Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds, The Troxy 29 November 2008

The idea of Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds playing in revamped East End Art Deco ex-cinema The Troxy was too delicious to ignore. So we went and had a gander at the pastel colour scheme, flower-shaped glass lamp shades and woeful lack of 'facilities' (did they not need to wee in the thirties or what?) And the band, obviously. This is what we beheld:

Being wedged into the crowd packed dahn the front before the band come on is like being at a nice dinner party. Middle aged ex-goths chat amiably with strangers about the marvels of 'the Cave'.

Stalking/thrusting about in his skinny three-piece suit and splendide moustache, Cave is a vaudeville villian. It's genuinely thrilling when he gallops over to our side of the stage and peers at us from beneath beetling brows.

Mr Cave is underwhelmed by the exciting venue: "So this is The Troxy. It's a funny colour"

A photo pass only allows the photographers to spend the duration of the first song in the pit. Snap for your lives! As the song ends, security forget to move the photogs out, but Nick's quick to send them packing, "Shouldn't you lot be leaving now." He pulls some additional outrageous rockstar poses for them before they have to sheepishly creep out. Still, Bob Underexposed gets one good shot (see above).

On discovering he's been sporting a dry-cleaning ticket on the back of his waistcoat all evening, Nick is aggrieved: "You could have told me it was there. It's so undignified."

As the usual shouts for songs rend the air, "We'll just play this one then we'll be taking requests. As long as they're on the list. And in the right order."

I can see Nick Cave's socks!! They are red with black check, fine 'gentleman's socks'. From a posh shop probably.

If you ever wondered what a crazy cave-dwelling hermit/wizard type man would look like after a rock 'n' roll make-over, look to Warren Ellis (see left).

A maraca twirls through the air high above the stage, before crashing to the floor. I suspect Conway Savage is responsible for this percussion abuse. He looks like a mad scientist crossed with a feral magician.

They do 'Nature Boy' I dance happily. This live version is apparently a 'work in progress' as they have had probs getting it to work.

'Deanna' - with extended clap-along bit - is a fiery highlight

'We Call Upon The Author' is so ferocious Nick starts bleeding from above the eyebrow.

'Stars' spotted marvelling at 'the Cave':
Kate Jackson no longer of The Long Blondes
Bobby Gillespie
Ricky Maymi of The Brian Jonestown Massacre snuggling up to...
...Kevin Shields!

All in all an excellent night's entertainment, Though a shame that there was no sign of the Wurlitzer that used to rise out of the floor. Or the revolving stage.

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