Sunday, 7 September 2008

The Jesus and Mary Chain – Town and Country Club, 8 September 1990.

Coo! The Jesus and Mary Chain are playing The Forum in October, just like in olden times! The last time I saw the JAMC play at the Forum/Town and Country and Club (why did it call itself that for a while? The Forum makes much more sense if you check out the décor) it cost £8.50. Which was a lot of money in 1990, you know. You can add about twenty quid to that if you want to go and see them now. Lordy.
During these financially embarrassing times, if you don’t have the spare cash for a gallivant to Kentish Town with the Reid Brothers why not just reminisce with Kitten Painting instead?

The Jesus and Mary Chain – Town and Country Club, 8 September 1990.
Sat in bed all day reading (tsk, students, eh?) and listening to The Boo Radleys and The Pale Saints. Got up at 4 and prepared myself for the Chain, then got the tube swigging a can of Irn Bru ‘cos I’m ‘ard I am. Went to the Falcon for a Guinness and to meet K, then strimbled along to the T&C and saw The Fury Things being pretty cool and ace, tho Andy fab dancer bloke didn’t (dance), the chicken! The Telescopes were not v. amazing and mellow and Steven Lawrie sounded like Wayne Hussey – argh! Then Bobby Gillespie spun discs such as ‘White Lines’, ‘Do It Better’, ‘Thorn’ (yeah Kev!), ‘Fire Engine’ etc til ver Chain’s ‘Penetration’ started up with the flickery ‘Scorpio Rising’ and stuff film a-spinging on the backdrop star, as it does. Then Jimbo and Doug and William (and the other two) came on and did lots of lovelee Chainy pop tunes. Dreamy. And everyone (well, lots) danced and not moshed and it was ace, tho lots of out of tune bits and false starts with Billiam grinning and the Reids having brotherly chats before songs. Lots of fab bits with ‘Sidewalking’ going completely bonkers at the end with just William doing mad guitar feedback wild ‘n’ groovy noises. Yeah! On the way out I saw Bobby G. and asked if he’d seen Plankton anywhere, but he hadn’t and he asked if I enjoyed the concert ‘cos he did. Got a starry JAMC poster too. Sooo fab. I love the JAMC. Yeah!

Set List:
Everything’s Alright When You’re Down
Who Do You Love?
Head On
Halfway To Crazy
Cherry Came Too
Happy When It Rains
9 Million Rainy Days
Silver Black
Just Like Honey
Gimme Hell
On The Wall

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