Sunday, 6 July 2008

The Early Years - Like A Suicide (Sonic Cathedral)

Regular worshippers at Sonic Cathedral will surely have experienced glorious krautrock voyagers The Early Years, as they're frequently seen declaiming from the Cathedral's pulpit (is that enough ecclesiastical imagery now?). To celebrate Sonic Cathedral's tenth single release, the band have cranked a few levers and boosted themselves into electronica hyperdrive for 'Like A Suicide' (like Suicide the band - get it!) A mechanically churning intro spits out a factory-line groove that rumbles away throughout, becoming progressively more throbbing as the song powers its way through territory reminiscent of Death In Vegas' shoegaze-rockunroll-electro mishmashes. Electricity-comes-from-other-planets Neu-style skirls and loops twirl under some rather strident vocals which add a kind of, cripes! Numanoid feel to things. And then there's this unhinged scrabbling guitar making it all deliciously disorientated. It's sorta kosmiche electro space-drone glitch disco and I reckon it could sound ALMIGHTY live.

Driven by a monster authoritarian drumbeat, AA side The Computer Voice sounds like machines communicating, flickering static, glowing wires and more of those portentous vocals. Glowering.
An intriguing aperitif to the second album. More of this wibbling experimentation please.

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