Sunday, 29 June 2008

Oh hello world! I had a change of heart. Fave Tunes April / May 2008

The Chameleon - The Left Outsides Perfectly executed Barretty folkadelia

Glory To The World - El Perro Del Mar Happy heart and candyfloss head

I Fell Asleep In The Sunbleached Grass - Skygreen Leopards Sounds like what it says

No One Word - Vetiver Summer trees ruffled by breezes, swallows swooping the sky.

Girl Of The Skies – The Canterbury Music Festival Instrumental soft-pop rarity on RevOla re-release. Just the right side of queasy.

Subterranean Bazaar – The Dilettantes Blammin’ pop-sike for doing beatkid dances too.

Tallahassee Bop - Slowdown Tallahassee Sugar buzz nursery rhyme drone-pop

The end of the summer on Bookbinder road – Cocoanut Groove Long lost baroque pop that The Left Banke dropped down the back of the sofa

Sweetness I Could Die In Your Arms – Horowitz Delicious fuzz-coated Razorcutty cuteness

Sundropped – Earthling Society Harmonia swirls become Teardrops Exploding through a sun-psych prism. Perfectly titled.

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