Saturday, 2 February 2008

There’s so many more colors / Without the dirty windows Fave Tunes December 07/January 08

There’s So Many Colors – Akron/Family Expansive space-folk hippy psych-jam. Just ignore the bad grammar in the title.

Shelter From The Ash – Six Organs Of Admittance Whirling, apocalyptic, manages to remind me of The Afghan Whigs and Godspeed! You Black Emperor simultaneously.

Stillborn - Sarah Tucek Insular, intimate. Sitting in a campfire glow, drinking whisky, darkness pressing in all around.

Mend - Sparky’s Magic Piano Everything-but-the-kitchen-sink electro indie-pop goodness.

This Year’s Beat - Japancakes Cinematic sweeps waltzing with languorous pedal steel guitar make me go all floaty.

Keytarded – Love Will Tear Us Apart Miaow / Miaow miaow miaow miaow miaow miaow / Miaow.

Colonise the Moon – Gruff Rhys Meditative mind-buzz, complemented by the lyrics ‘I vomited throughout your saxophone solo"

Shape Of Things To Come - Left Outsides Eerie/soothing folk-psych. The Left Outsides can always be relied on to transport you.

Frenchy’s - Holy Fuck Monster mongo groove bouncing round inside a stainless steel cell.

Shrinking Moon For You - Wooden Shjips Drone-fuzz, screechy madness. Spacemen 3 fighting Loop with chainsaws.

I Burn Myself On You – The Lionheart Brothers Norwegian dreampop boys being glidey and twinkly and a tad MBV-ish.

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