Monday, 30 July 2007

When the going gets weird the weird turn pro: Fave Tunes June/July 2007

If You Gotta Go – Jim Reid: Cute spangly strumathon with Jim in fine voice. Ser-woon! There’s a good bit where he sings "Listen to the…" and your brain goes "girl as she takes on half the world" because ‘Just Like Honey’ is hopelessly imprinted there forever.

About You – The Pastels: Gorgeous twinklingly warm and fuzzy version of the Reid brothers’ already v. swoonsome track. The line ‘People die in their living rooms / but they do not need this God Almighty gloom’ has been making me laugh for the last twenty years.

Bats Over Barstow – Pete Greenwood. Fear and Loathing folky darkness.

Swami – William Penn V: From The Essential Pebbles Vol. 1: The Very Best of American Garage

Up The Hill - The See See: Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young meet The Essex Green. Hoo yeah!

Let’s Live For Today – Living Daylights: From Rubble Vol 1: The Psychedelic Snarl. God Bless Bam Caruso.

That Girl Suicide – The Brian Jonestown Massacre: After their mighty performance of this at Islington Academy, it’s become this month’s BJM obsesso-tune.

The sound of Crumhorns: not fussy what the song is really, get hip to the Crummy sound, it’s what all the cool Medieval kidz are digging.

And I Was Blue – Sunforest: Medieval psych-folk from 1969 – how can you go wrong?

Navigator - The Lovetones: The Lovetones have gone a bit grown up on their new album, but the kind of grown-up that involves delivering daze-dreams epics, so that’s alright then.

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